(c) Judy Rookstool 2019

About Me

For the past ten years, I have undertaken development of my art with a serious commitment and have shown my work in a variety of contexts.*


On the canvas I want to convey the history and essence of the scenes I paint and collage; for me, art is a way to reduce “otherness” in order to encourage viewers to see and respect what others may experience.


As I have a special interest in women’s issues, some of my works contain references to feminism and hidden or rising power and strength.  As an avid reader I like to incorporate references to literature and my committed gardening shows up with the use of flower colors. 


My paintings include still life pieces, landscapes, female figures and sometimes scenes from my travel.  My series, Cookbook, is based on a 1943 cookbook found at a garage sale; the Cuba series comes from my travel there; the series, Circus Memories, is my abstract recollection of going to the circus as a small child with my father. 


While I have tried a variety of styles and media, I like the forgiveness and relative “greenness” of acrylic and the pure pigment of pastels and often incorporate found objects to add a connection to what inspires me.


Recently, after many years of representational work, I have begun painting abstractly and also enjoy collage to incorporate text and materials to which I respond with paint. 


While I have always been interested in art, my formal schooling did not begin until I took art classes at San Jose City College. 

*Naglee Park Open Studios, June 2019

Three-person show and curation, WORKS Gallery, Evocation Made Real, March-April, 2019

Annual Members’ Show, WORKS Gallery, 2017, 2018, 2019

Campbell Heritage Theater Gallery, Cookbook Series, April 2018 – August 2018

Cathy Down Gallery, May 2016 – June 2018

UA Annual Juried Art Show Finalist, 2017

Annual Auction, WORKS Gallery December 2016, 2017

Victorian Preservation Society Show, April 2016

Group Show, Relay for Life, Collected Works, 2016

Artist’s Show Phantom Gallery, Cuba Dozen, July 2014

Artist’s Show, Evergreen Valley College Library Gallery, Cooking Up Subversion, 2012

Artist’s Show, Collected Works, Willow Glen Coffee Roasting Company, 2011

Group Show, San Jose City College Gallery, Open Studios, 2010

Group Show, Women’s History Celebration, Evergreen Valley College, 2007